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What patients are saying

“My body composition has changed dramatically. So much so, I have had to buy a new wardrobe! (As you can imagine, I was so disappointed to give up my “fat pants.) I haven’t been this lean in 20 years and it feels great! My wife is very happy as well . . . wink wink.

My energy levels are high and given the tremendous levels of stress I am under at work, I honestly don’t think I could handle it had I not started this program. People I don’t see very often are astounded at the change in my appearance, and my friends and co-workers have all commented on how vital and bright I appear in contrast to the tired and haggard “me” they had grown accustomed to. So thank you, it’s great to feel alive again!”

– K.K. from PA

“It was the most comprehensive evaluation of my health status that I’ve ever experienced.”

– M. K, MD, Ashland, KY

The comments and compliments I get are beyond belief!  This is a life endeavor and is not ego-motivated. It’s actually quite flattering considering this is something I do for my well-being. My weight is down between 20 and 22 pounds. My muscle mass has not suffered as evidenced by the fact that my weight training strength continues to progress. My energy levels are excellent and unless I’ve put myself in a situation where healthy food is not available (this is very rare), I’m never hungry.

When I’m frequently asked about the “diet” I’m on, my response is that I’m not on a diet.  As a matter of fact, I can’t say I have those times when someone is dieting (on one of those roller-coaster diets) and their blood sugar is low, they’re ravenously hungry and foraging for something to get them through to their next meal.  When asked how much weight do I intend to lose or how long I intend to diet, my response is that I expect to eat this way forever and that it’s effortless.”

– S. W., Scottsdale, AZ

“Thank you! I am looking and feeling younger every day. Really, I can’t thank you enough. I tell all my friends. People are starting to ask me what I’m doing . . . bless you! ”

– P. S., Napa Valley, CA

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Optimal health, not disease, is our primary focus; therefore, we bridge the gap between conventional medicine and scientifically based proactive prevention.


More than 35.000 patients worldwide


25% are Physicians and their families


30% of patients reduced their body fat index in their first year

“I feel like a new woman. I cannot believe how much better I feel. Do you know the past two weeks are the first time in three years I’ve not had a blasting headache at 4 pm? No more Valium to sleep—I’m doing it on my own, and not only that, but I’m waking up naturally after eight hours or so. I was squished into a size 16 and now am in a loose 12. And I have no cravings. I feel human again and together.”

– P.R., Nahant, MA

“I cannot overstate how grateful I am for your efforts to help me become healthier and more vibrant. I was in such a low place, feeling lost and hopeless about what I could do to ever feel strong and get to a healthy weight again. I was not kidding when I told you the other day that you have given me the keys to use that will save my life!  I’m losing weight, feeling stronger . . . knowing what I need to do and who to go to when I have questions is such a huge emotional relief. I no longer feel the despair and frustration about how my life was going.  You are directly responsible for that change, and I cannot put into words how important that is to me!”

– G.S., Vacaville, CA

“My trousers are starting to fit better and although I haven’t noted any significant weight loss, my belt is moving to the next hole and people have commented that I do not look as bloated.”

– M. B., Las Vegas, NV

“There are no words to describe my satisfaction with the whole program, I feel soooooo good, I have lots of energy, I am eating well and exercising 6 days a week, my personal trainer is with me twice a week, I can already see results and it’s very rewarding.”

– C.C., Bonita Springs, FL

“I just wanted to send you a short note thanking you for the vast overall improvement I have made since starting on your program. My energy levels have increased dramatically. My moods are more consistent, I think clearer and am much more focused. I am sleeping better and wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and in a good mood. I just finished a huge project that was very demanding and never ran short of energy or felt that I could not handle the workload. Previous to being on the Cenegenics program, this would not have been the case. Thanks for making my life more enjoyable and for giving me a new lease on life. ”

– D. K., Huntsville, AL

“I’m back from another one of my excellent adventures, this time to Peru . . .following the Inca Trail from Cusco to Machu Picchu. We hiked up Wyna Picchu one morning, steep and nasty at some points . . . My strength and recovery training served me well.  My first assent into Machu Picchu from Agua Caliente was challenging. The tour organizer only allowed three of us to make the climb taking the rest of the group up by bus.  I was amazed not to be sore at all the next day, fully recovered.  It was a good thing because a small group of us climbed Wyna Picchu the next morning before breakfast.  Never throughout the whole trip did I feel exhausted or run down.

So next up for me is Aspen, then I’ll dive the Galapagos for seven days off the Lamer Law, followed by several days in the Peruvian rainforest at the mouth of the Amazon River.  There is a chance I may go to Africa late next year.  And I’m working with an expedition organizer to dive the Antarctic in 2009.  Diving the Antarctic is a long time dream of mine. I’ve dived with the Antarctic humpback whales in Tonga in the dead of their winter.  This would be a chance to catch them on the other end of their migration path, the Antarctic in midsummer. I would like to thank Cenegenics for your continued support helping me achieve my dreams.”

– A. L., Milwaukee, WI

“I had a follow-up electrocardiogram last week. My cardiac ejection fraction before Cenegenics Medical Institute therapies was 30%. Now after three months on my Cenegenics program, it is now 55%, and my cardiac study was normal. The electro-physiologist told me “to keep doing what ever you are doing.” I intend to do that. I am stronger than ever before and keeping up with my 7-year-old daughter and 12-year-old son.

– P.T., Cape Girardeau, MO

“Not to be silly, but from the day I came to see you my life has dramatically changed. I was very unhappy with myself . . . Yesterday, I received a note from a lady in our church choir, wanting to know what I have done, and asking if I would talk with her son about diet and fitness.

For some time, I have thought about retiring (again). As an interim step, I have accepted the presidency of Ronald McDonald Charities. Because of the new Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital, we are going to have to raise $7 -$10 million . . . I only share this with you so that you know how important and far-reaching your practice has become. You have helped refocus my life and I appreciate it. Often, we don’t know how many lives we have impacted.”

– D. C. B., Jr., Nashville, TN